Makita RT0702C Router hack for remote control relay

Last Updated on March 11, 2022

Makita RT0702C Router hack for remote control relay*

*Use this at your own risk

The On / Off / Auto feature of the remote panel is compatible with the Makita RT0700C and Makita RT0701C router. Or any other router without “Anti-restart function”. The Makita RT0702C is not compatible but can be made compatible with a simple hack. Basically you need to keep the router powered and switch it on / off with the blue wire. Follow these steps to make it compatible with the remote panel, or any other cnc relay control.

Things you need

  • Long flexible 3 core cable. Preferable brown, grey and black. Make sure it can handle more than 710W.
  • Single terminal block (or better: Solder and heat shrink tubing)

All steps

Step 1:

Remove 4 screws.

Step 2:

Open up and unscrew cable strain relief.

Step 3:

Remove original cable.

Step 4:

Pull out switch, unscrew terminal with white and blue wire and remove the blue wire from the switch. Put the white wire back in the switch and tighten terminal.

Step 5:

Remove original wire from the screw terminals. Attach new wire to the screw terminals. Connect brown to the double orange wires. Connect grey to the pink/black wire. Connect the black to the blue wire (with a terminal block, or solder together).

Step 6:

If you place the new terminal block at the same location displayed in this picture, you can fit it in without any modification. Reattach the strain relief and close the router by reattaching the 4 screws from step 1.


Power the router with the brown and grey wire. Connect the brown and black wire to the relay. (the orientation of the power plug inside the power strip does not matter)

Make absolutely sure you connect the right wires to the relay. Especially if you use other wire colors. If you connect the wrong wire to the relay, the motor-controller inside the Makita might blow up.

Safety note

The router is always powered and software enabled with the micro controller inside the Makita. It is advisable to use the power switch on the Makita to completely power off the router when switching bits.