Onefinity / Buildbotics CNC Remote control panel V4 kit

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Complete remote panel kit for Onefinity cnc controller / Buildbotics controller
The CNC Remote control panel V4 is not compatible (or tested) with the MASSO Touch controller.

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This is a partial DIY project. Before buying, please read the documentation for in depth information.

Kit contents

PCB Mainboard V4.0

Arduino Leonardo


5 Pin JST Cable

2 metal green LED buttons

4 metal blue LED buttons

4 metal white LED buttons

Safety switch

Acrylic front panel

Acrylic back panel

7 Pin JST Cable

4 Screws

4 plastic standoffs

XLR male panel mount

XLR female cable mount

Emergency button

DB25 cable

USB Cable

Dual USB extension

Fuse and inline fuse holder

Heat shrink tubing


Cable pass through




Things you might need

  • 12V Adapter (1,5A). This is only necessary to power the relays. If you don’t use the relays for the automatic router / dust-collector / Acc1 / Acc2, you don’t need this. You can also power the relays directly (Using the mainboards build in DC-DC step down converter) with the Onefinity’s 36V power supply (see support instructions).
  • Power strip.
  • Power plug.
  • Enclosure box. There are various way’s to implement the control panel. There is a CNC router template inside the support instructions.
  • Basic wires.
  • Solder.
  • Screws.

Additional information

Weight 1,5 kg
Dimensions 31 × 23 × 11 cm

White / Blue

Panel dimensions

257mm x 182mm (10.12inch x 7,17inch)


5V, 12V, 14-36V